Shopping Clean

What does “eating clean” mean anyway? Here are some simple tips to take with you to the grocery store or local market that will help you stay on track when it comes to choosing “clean” whole foods!

Shop local and organic where ever possible.

Dairy Case
When purchasing any animal product try to know the source or buy organic when in doubt. When purchasing almond milk, be sure to read your ingredients to avoid unwanted preservatives and sugars. If you prefer regular milk stick to a low-fat or skim version. Soy and rice milk are also great substitutes. Eating cheese is not forbidden however organic cheese made from unpasteurized milk is easiest to digest. Buy a product that is free of nitrates/preservatives and opt for a light or low fat version. And remember, moderation is key!

When purchasing any animal product try to know the source or buy organic when in doubt. Fish is best bought wild when available. The next option would be organically farmed. If you are looking at deli meats be sure to purchase unprocessed meats from a local butcher that are nitrate and preservative free. Most grocery stores won’t carry these varieties.

All goods should be sprouted whole grain varieties whenever possible.

Dry Goods
When purchasing canned goods check your labels to avoid EDTA – a preservative which can be toxic to liver and nerves . Fresh produce is always ideal but if you are buying canned fruits or vegetables, purchase those with no salt or sugar added and look for tomato sauce/paste with no added sugar. Also watch for unwanted preservatives. Nuts and seeds are best raw and stored in the fridge or freezer to protect their oils from spoiling. Grains (i.e. flours, pastas, quinoa) should always be whole or sprouted grain.

Spices, Herbs & Condiments
Herbs are best bought fresh, but dried versions can be used (reduce to 1/3 the fresh amount) Cilantro and parsley should typically be used from fresh. Cold pressed oils should be chosen and kept in a cool dark place. When purchasing condiments and packaged goods be sure to read your labels to avoid MSG (monosodium glutamate), preservatives and additives. Opt for ingredients that you can actually pronounce!

Protein powder can be great for on the go meals/snacks. We recommend having both a chocolate and Vanilla flavour on hand. Choose a clean protein without artificial sweeteners and a minimum of 25g of protein/serving. To learn more about choosing the right type of protein read here

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