Choosing a Clean Protein Powder

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When I began my search for the perfect protein powder the first place I went was one of those well known supplement chain stores.  You know the ones I’m talking about?  Wall to wall flashy looking labels and gigantic tubs of mystery powder?  I asked the sales guy if they carried any “clean” protein powders.  His reply “Everything we sell is clean!” Ha!! Perhaps I wasn’t clear.

I was looking for something without artificial ingredients. “But this is what everyone sells.  It’s as clean as it gets.  It’s what people feed babies”. I thanked him for his time and left.  (On a side note I have since looked at the ingredients in baby formula and you know what? This guy wasn’t too far off!)

I have since found much better information and selections at health food stores and alternative health centres.  Once you know what you are looking for, there is actually a decent selection out there.

Choose your protein source:

Whey – comes from milk.  Whey isolate is a form that is easier to digest than its counterparts.  If you are really sensitive to lactose I would avoid this all together (Also remember milk comes from cows so be sure you know the source – you want it to come from happy and healthy ones!)

Vegan – A variety of grains and other plant based foods hold a large amount of protein.  The proteins are isolated from rice, hemp, pea etc.

Soy – Be sure that if you choose to consume soy that it is organic and non-GMO.  Additionally if you will be using protein powder every day, soy may not be the best option.

Find out what makes it taste good:

Avoid:  chemical based artificial sweeteners and flavours

Choose: natural sugars, fruit or stevia

Look at the colour:

If it’s a colour found in the rainbow, it likely contains artificial colouring and dyes.  Read the labels!

The last bit of advice- do your research. Read the labels and the fine print, and don’t expect to buy a year’s supply for $19.99.  This is one product that is worth paying for; it’s what is helping to build those hard earned muscles!!

2 thoughts on “Choosing a Clean Protein Powder

  1. Hazel Adams says:

    I am a fan of whey protein powder. I think that it is really beneficial for many health reasons. I also like how you bring up the idea of a vegan protein powder. I have never tried one of those.

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